1. OriĆ«ntation on the subject:

Answers on the 6 starting questions (Working model 01: Getting started with a contextual essay) 

2. Exploration of the subject

Asking contextual questions (Working model 03)
Report mediacentre search (including digital portals, reference books, sources) containing:
Used search terms,
Used queries,
Lists of search results
Glossary (preferably in the form of a taxonomy)
Choice of music (with motivation and arguments) 
Provisional Focus question and subquestions

3. Making of a Concept map:

A Concept map made with CMapTools following the Novak approach with Working model 05: (How to build a Concept map or Mind map)

4. Formulating definitive Focus question and subquestions:

Definitive focus question and subquestions

5. Literature study and selection of sources:

Provisional bibliography
Global design of structure and table of contents of the contextual essay
Table of contents in 3 levels at most, preferably two

6. Writing Concept version 1 (working model 12: checklist conytextual essay)

7. Writing Concept version 2

8. Writing and handing in Definitive version